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Eagles Marathon


Due to the current construction project, the Eagles Marathon program is on hold. We will pick things up again with the new building in the fall of 2019.

The PTSA Eagles Marathon runs October through November.  The event  takes place during lunch recesses Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All students K-5 as well as teachers, staff and parents are invited to participate!

How It Works:

All students have the opportunity to run, skip, hop, just move around the field during lunch recess (5 laps is one mile) as they work to achieve an Eagles Marathon goal! Students can commit to accumulating 26.2 miles (distance of full Eagles Marathon) or simply run and track their miles as a healthy, educational and fun experience with classmates.  The goal of the Eagles Marathon is to encourage students to be active, lead a healthy lifestyle and have fun!  As a side benefit, Peter Kirk teachers tell us the kids are more focused and better able to learn after they’ve run!

Rewards and Recognition:

For each mile completed, students receive a toe token. Students receive special 13.1 and 26.2 tokens upon completion of accumulated Half Marathon and Full Marathon mileage. Students have fun and feel proud adding weekly mileage toe tokens to their marathon chain. Upon completion of the Full Marathon, each finisher gets their picture on the school bulletin board and the first boy & girl to finish in each grade get a special prize.  In addition, kids can form Running Teams, where the top three teams (highest average miles) will win Menchies gift cards.

We Need Your Help!

Parent volunteers are needed daily to help punch lap cards as students complete each lap.  This is a fantastic volunteer opportunity for parents who are able to break away occasionally from the workplace during lunchtime.



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