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Artist in Residence

NatureArt1For Peter Kirk’s Artist in Residence program the PTSA selects a professional artist that leads specific art lessons in each classroom.  We currently have two professional artists working at Peter Kirk.

Grades K-3

Stacy Mehlburg is an Art Therapist that has worked in elementary and secondary education for 14 years.  Stacy’s philosophy is that Art is not necessarily about a final product or piece of artwork, but about the process in which the student works through in doing artwork.  It is through this process that students learn to solve problems, focus, and be creative.

Throughout her lessons Stacy teaches the students about famous artists, living artists, and local artists.  They learn about different periods of art history and visual art terminology.  However sometimes they just create!

This year all K-3 classes will receive a series of seven lessons throughout the year.  The year is kicked off with an all school art program called Chalk 4 Peace.  Other lessons will include watercolors, collage, recycled art sculpture, art with nature, etc.  Check back here throughout the year to see what some of the classes are working on!

Grades 4-5

This year the 4th and 5th grade classes will receive a series of six lessons from Megan Veldee.  Megan has been an Artist in Residence at Peter Kirk for 5 years and was a Peter Kirk Art Docent for 12 years before that.  She developed a drawing program during her tenure as an Art Docent at PK and believes that the most important and lasting thing that we could teach children in Art was how to draw.  Many students decide early that they are not good at drawing, however Megan’s philosophy is that that they simply need instruction and practice. Drawing is an important life-skill for expressing ideas.

The ability to draw contributes to academic success and is integral to many career choices. Some students have a natural ability to accurately draw what they see or imagine.  Others, however, benefit from specific steps to follow and time to practice.  Given instruction and practice time, all students can achieve a high level of drawing skill. Her emphasis is on teaching the students to “really see” what it is they are trying to draw instead of what they think they see.


Drawings are composed of only five elements: straight lines, curved lines, angle lines, empty shapes and filled shapes. Megan teaches the students to determine what elements are present, then decide on the logical place to start, which she calls “the big idea.” Work from big to small, leaving the details till last.

Some of her drawing instruction sessions may include:

  1. Brain teaser optical illusions
  2. 2-D, 3-D or 1 pt. Perspective line drawing exercises
  3. Negative space teasers
  4. Positive/negative space exercise
  5. Upside-down drawing exercise
  6. Ruler exercise
  7. Introduction to concepts
  8. Demonstration
  9. Drawing project:    Shade and shadow, using grids, transfer paper, point perspective
  10. Homework packet

Should you have any questions about the Artist in Residence Program please contact Program Chair:  Meredith Rasche,

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