Support Our Kids. Join the PTSA!


The Peter Kirk PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) is committed to supporting our students, teachers, staff and community through a variety of enriching programs and events, and by advocating for students and teachers at the local and state levels.

Why YOU should join!

  • Membership entitles you to access our NEW Online Student Directory to connect with other families (essential for playdates and party planning!)
  • Membership ensures you’ll receive the PK Eagle Flyer newsletter to stay in-the-know!
  • Play a role in decision-making with a “Voice and Vote” at all General Membership Meetings.
  • Membership shows your child that you are interested and invested in their educational experience.
  • Enable 100% membership which gives credence to our PTSA voice in advocating for our children with the Legislature.
  • Send a message to Olympia that our district is made up of parents who are concerned and involved.

3 Common MYTHS about joining PTSA…

  1. Only stay-at-home moms with nothing else to do should join PTSA.
    Your fellow PTSA members are working parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, and community members who want to support the kids and school. Anyone who cares about children belongs in the PTSA.
  2. Joining the PTSA means I have to volunteer.
    Membership does not mean you have to volunteer, nor serve on the Board or a Committee. You will not be sucked into a black hole of volunteering!
  3. PTSA membership never expires, I only have to join once.
    Each new school year begins a new PTSA membership year. Your PTSA membership will be good for this entire school year!