Legislative Advocacy in the PTA

Washington State PTA

For over 100 years,  PTA members have been a powerful voice for kids.  At the national level,  PTA has a proud history of advocating for kindergarten classes, school lunches, child labor laws, and more.   They knew then what is still true today:  since kids can’t vote, they need strong advocates who will champion their interests in the halls of government.

Here in Washington, PTA advocates gather together in the fall for Legislative Assembly to get informed on the issues, discuss and debate them, and vote on a legislative agenda.

Peter Kirk Representative

The Director of Legislative Advocacy for Peter Kirk represents our school at various legislative events throughout the year. These events include Legislative Assembly in the Fall and Focus Day in the winter, when the Washington State PTA shows up in Olympia while the legislature is in session and advocates for policies that improve the education and well-being of kids. If you have any questions about advocacy in the PTA, or would like to get involved, please contact legislation@peterkirkptsa.org.

For more information, visit Washington State PTA Advocacy.

State Events

Legislative Assembly is held in the fall. Representatives meet from all over the state to network, learn about the issues, and set Washington State PTA’s legislative platform and top priorities.

Focus Day happens in the winter. Members from around the state gather in Olympia during the legislative session to meet with their legislators and advocate for the Washington State PTA’s legislative platform.

At the national level, the PTA works with Federal public policies, legislation and stands with us to support our children. Find out more about these important issues by clicking the links below.


Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Policy Agenda for the 115th Congress

PTA’s Position Statements

Take Action

Legislative Advocacy Links

Grassroots Connection Blog

Get legislative news and keep up on WSPTA’s advocacy.

State PTA Action Center

Learn about current top PTA legislative priorities and how to take action! Also includes links for finding your local elected officials, lawmakers and agencies.

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