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Greening Peter Kirk

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Green Schools Program

Our effort to “green” Peter Kirk has been a highly collaborative one, with parents, teachers, the principal, staff and especially our lead custodian all working together to lessen our impact on the earth, create a healthier environment for students to learn, and teach students the important value of taking care of our planet.

In 2014-15, …

Green Team

Peter Kirk’s Green Team is made up of students in grades 2-5 who volunteer their time during lunch to monitor the disposal of lunch garbage, recycling and compost. They teach other students how to properly dispose of their food-related waste and learn important job-related skills along the way. This program is led by our lead …

Recycling Team

Peter Kirk’s Recycling Team helps to keep our classrooms clean and our students well educated about what can and cannot be recycled through the City of Kirkland Recycling Program. The Recycling Team is also organized by Paul Bowler, and is made up of students in 4th  and 5th grade. If you are interested in joining the …